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Dwell Homes - Superhome Movement

Posted by on 7 December 2015

We are delighted to be part of the new Canterbury Superhome Movement. 

"The Superhome Movement participants and supporters are dedicated to helping you get...

New Homes that will...live better, be loved more, use less energy, be affordable and last longer!"

To learn about building a healthy, energy efficient and environmentally sensitive new home check out the website www.superhome.co.nz

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Bryan is a well organised individual with a wealth of knowledge. The design process was indeed thoroughly discussed and with his superb guidance my brief was seen to fruition easily. The plans were drafted with such organisation that within two months of my first meeting with Bryan, submission occurred.
There was no doubt that the quality of the end product was beyond expectations. Most importantly, the experience of building, though stressful at times, went pleasantly well. What stood out was the high level of commitment from Bryan and his team. Their attention to detail and dedication to a high standard resulted in a build that was truly impressive.

A. Daud | Homeowner